Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More on the MBM Upgrade!

Hey Guys,

As promised here is Part 3 of the Ongoing Free series of videos outlining some quick (ish) methods for creating Roughcast and Pebbledash surfaces in 3ds Max.

Youtube Version:

As always you can grab the Hi Rez Quicktime HERE!
(Right Click & 'Save As')

We also mentioned in our last post that there were other benefits that will come to customers from our use of a Full E Commerce shopping system! Well, something that we hope will be a BIG plus with our customers is the integration of a ‘Rewards Point’ system that will allow customers to accrue Reward Points based on the Monetary value of purchases made in the MBM Shop. The system will allow the redemption of those points as either a ‘money off future purchases’ service, or if enough points are accrued, you can use them to make an outright purchase inside the MBM shop. Hopefully you will agree that this feature means we are adding even more value to the purchase of your MBM Training Materials.

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