Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New 'MentalBoutMax Roundup' Audio Newscast

Hello guys & gals,

Todays posting is a departure from the series of videos
we have been posting up over the past few weeks (as you
have no doubt noticed!!) because we want to bring you the
first Episode of our new 'MentalBoutMax Roundup'.
Download it, give it a listen, and then give us your
feedback on how we can produce this little show so as to
be of REAL use to the 3ds Max community in general, and
maybe also what you think our RoundUp might be able to do
for you.

DOWNLOAD Here and enjoy!

*Breaking News*
In typical fashion, after getting our little newscast recorded,
edited and uploaded, e-0n software go and update their PLE
version of Vue to 8.5 and so make little liars out of our
poor, under pressure, over worked research team! (Namely me)
So please ignore any statement in this MBM roundup regarding
the current version of the Vue PLE.
*End of Breaking News*


*NOTE* - Mp3 file has been swapped for an audio only .Mov

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