Monday, 10 May 2010

Hey Everyone,

2 reasons for todays Blog entry! FIRSTLY we are going to give you another little chunk of info regarding the upgrade to MBM’s Training offerings.

A SECOND reason for our post is that we want (as you can see below) to bring you Part 2 of our FREE RoughCast & Pebbledash creation module, All using standard 3ds Max tools. We do use Mental Ray as the renderer in this module but it could just as easily have been Vray, Brazil or indeed any plugin render engine for 3ds Max. Hope you enjoy.

RoughCast & Pebbledash Creation Part 2 - YouTube Version

if you prefer to watch this with a Higher Quality picture,
Go to MBM's YouTube Channel:

RoughCast & Pebbledash Creation Part 2 - Hi Rez QuickTime

Okay, onto our MBM upgrade info. Plenty more to tell yet. For instance a BIG PLUS to users will be the massive speed up regarding getting MBM training into the hands of users once they have purchased it. This will be accomplished by our making use of a FULL E Commerce shopping system that will automate the receipt of your download links so that getting your hands on your MBM training purchase should become pretty much instantaneous. (depending of course on the quality and speed of your Internet Connection!).

There are other benefits that come to MBM customers as a result of using an E Commerce system…but we think we will save them for future posts. :)

MBM Development Team

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