Monday, 20 December 2010

New 3ds Max Video Training Module

Hello Guys and Gals,
Up and ready on the MBM site is the new 3ds Max 'How To' Module entitled "Just fix it in Post"! If you use 3ds Max to produce animated sequences as Final Renders then you may well appreciate the insights this module contains on dealing with High Render Times and Unwanted Artefacts in your finished Footage. The title, "Just fix it in Post" describes both the workflow and solutions presented in this module. Both Combustion & 3ds Max Composite are used to demonstrate Compositing fixes but the techniques used can Easily be transferred to After Effects, Nuke, Fusion or any decent compositing App.

Check out this latest release from the MBM Team - 3ds Max 'How To' Module 1: "Just Fix it in Post"

Or indeed check out the Module Intro 1st if you like! :-)

Best regards from the MBM Team.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Part 8 of the Roughcast & Pebbledash Module.

Hey Everyone,

As the title points out here is Part 8 of the ongoing quest to create a quick Roughcast and Pebbledash surface using 3ds Max and Mental Ray. (Remember though that the techniques will work with ANY of 3ds Max Plugin Render Engines.

As always watch the Youtube Version here (or on Youtube) or alternatively use the link to grab the Hirez .MOV file from the MBM Website.