Friday, 30 April 2010


Hey Guys,

Why, you may be asking, are changes being made with regard to the 3ds Max Training produced by the team here at Mental Bout Max? Well, that is a question that has a few different answers to it. Over the course of our next few Blog entries we will try to cover some of the rationale behind the changes being made, AND highlight the Ongoing Benefits that we hope will come to YOU the customer.

Reason Number One:

Probably the ‘Major’ reason for the changes that are currently underway at MBM has been the ‘need’ (that has been niggling away at the team for a while now!) to incorporate a number of things that customers have been enquiring about and making them an integral part of the MBM Training ‘experience’.

A BIG request that has come our way, has been for the MBM team to provide some FREE Training Material for Max users to get their hands on that though obviously different to our ‘Paid for’ modules, still enjoyed the same High Quality Content and Production Values enjoyed in the aforementioned MBM Training Modules.

Well, we have taken that request on board, and in the not too distant future we are looking forward to showing you what we have cooked up in that area! Which, naturally, we think you may quite like.

Until such time as we have that up and running though, I would like to present to you what will be the first of a whole series of FREE Training Videos that we will be releasing over the next few weeks, and that when collected together constitute a full MBM 3ds Max Module that has been previously unavailable to the general public up until this point! :)

There is of course much more to tell regarding our MBM Upgrade, but in the interest of short Blog posting and of course, good ’suspense’ building, we will hold off on giving you any more info on that until our next Blog post.

Until then, Stay Well, Stay Tuned, and Bye For Now.

Bri and the MBM Team

RoughCast & Pebbledash techniques Part 1

Link to Hi rez Quicktime.

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